Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Wheels

The end of the A to Z Challenge is in sight!

I have been writing the posts for the Challenge ahead of time. I left W and Y for last. Last night, I was in Tampa for an event and during a smoke break, I jotted down "W is for Wheels" as a topic for "W". Little did I know that it might be on omen -- my 1995 Dodge Custom van with 139K miles on it started running very rough on the way back across the long causeway and I barely made it home. I may need new wheels.

If (that is a very big word for only having two letters!) money was no object, I would definitely become a car enthusiast -- not of the magnitude of Leno, but I sure would like a large garage with the following in it.

  • Mercedes SLK 350 hard top convertible. A fun car that the wife can drive.
  • Hyundai Equus. Great luxury car for the family auto.
  • Dodge Ram pickup truck. Have to have something for hauling once in a while.
  • Mini Cooper S convertible. A DC plaything.
  • Classic bug eyed Sprite or Sunbeam Alpine
  • Class A RV -- about a 38 footer
  • Cabin Cruiser -- okay, the only wheel it has is one to steer the boat, but it does have a wheel, right?

What set of wheels would you like to see in your garage?


  1. So many wheels, so little space (thanks to RV living). LOL! I'd love to try out a Jeep and do some four-wheeling.

    Hope your van hasn't totally died...

  2. It's running like a new one, thanks to a $1371 cash infusion that paid for a new fuel pump, new water pump, a much needed tuneup and a new serpentine belt, among other things.