Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Gadgets

The end of the first week of the A to Z Challenge brings us to the letter "G".

I'm old enough to remember that the one and only nerdy gadget I owned in high school was a 12 inch K&E slide rule. Yes, I had a pocket protector with all different colored pencils stuffed in it too.

My, how times change. Our household consists of just me and the wife (both in our early 70's), but we have enough chargers and gadgets to stock a section of Best Buy. It takes three 5-outlet surge protectors in the home office, another one for the living room TV and accessories, plus miscellaneous things plugged into the outlets in the bathrooms, kitchen and elsewhere. For fun, let's take inventory...

  • An old HP XP desktop that my wife still uses
  • My wife's Acer laptop running Windows 7
  • My Acer laptop running Vista
  • My little XP netbook that I use when traveling
  • An XP desktop and older laptop are in a bin and no longer being used
  • An old HP printer that is tied to her HP desktop
  • A new Epson wireless printer for all of the portables to use via WIFI
  • A 2-year-old Kindle
  • A new Kindle Fire
  • Cable modem (of course)
  • WIFI router
  • Ooma VOIP box
  • A Captel captioning telephone that is connected to our router for internet access and to our Ooma VOIP box. This is my phone so I can view what the other person is saying.
  • An UPS for the cable modem, wifi router, Ooma box and Captel phone
  • An Android Droid smartphone so I can send text messages and email
  • The wife's cell phone that I can send text messages to
  • An electric razor and an electric beard trimmer in the bathroom
  • Five TVs -- two of which are flat screens
  • In the garage there are chargers for the battery powered drill and the string trimmer/edger
  • In the living room, there is the HD settop box, the 52" flatscreen TV, a DVD player, a sound bar and a WII.
  • In the master bedroom, there is a 42" flatscreen TV and a DVD player.
  • There is a portable DVD player somewhere that is AA battery powered
  • There is a portable CD player somewhere that is AA battery powered
  • There are two digital cameras (his and hers -- she stole his, he got hers in return)
  • Can't forget the Garmin GPS in her car
  • Last, but not least, in the kitchen there is the coffee maker, toaster oven, microwave and can opener.

Whew! That's quite a list for two old people. And, what do you want to bet that I forgot to list something?


  1. oh we has all that electronic stuffs in our house too. wires everywhere. plugged in to a billion outlets. i'm waitin for our house to burn down but my husband insists that its a-okay!! :P

    1. Jenny, the wires in the office drive my wife nuts! When we moved last year, I actually drew a diagram for the wires since some of them are not intuitive -- particularly how the CapTel phone and Ooma VOIP are wired into the router.

      And, I just thought of one more gadget. There's a Sharp battery powered sweeper that needs a charger too!

  2. I could not live without my Garmin - or at least I couldn't get anywhere without it. Great post and happy A-Z blogging.

  3. You should see Stu trying to find plugs in the rehab center so he can keep his laptop, Kindle Fire & Smartphone all charged up. Gotta have our gadgets...I visit him every day with my Smartphone, my old iPhone that I use like an iPod Touch and my HP Touchpad. Call me a bag lady...LOL!

  4. Gadgets! It's kind of shocking how we've come to depend on them so utterly. I live in fear of those rolling brownouts and blackouts making their way to Vancouver. Yikes! Don't interfere with my gadgets!