Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for E-book

The first week of the A to Z Challenge is going by quickly. We're already up to E.

I love to read and e-books, along with Kindles and Kindle apps make reading a pleasure.

I have a two-year-old Kindle, a new Kindle Fire tablet and also have the Kindle apps on my Droid smart phone and on my PC.

And Amazon keeps all of those devices synced, so that I can easily read my e-books that I have for the Kindle where ever I might be.

The Kindle itself is great! It is black and white only, but it is readable any where except in bed with the lights turned off. It is easy to read in sunlight, so it is perfect for the beach.

The Kindle Fire tablet is in color. But it is impossible to read in sunlight. You can enjoy it in bed with the lights turned off. The same holds true for the Kindle app on my Droid smartphone.

I think I've only read an e-book on my laptop PC once. I just don't like reading long form stuff on the PC.

E-books are available from Amazon (and others) for free up to whatever the market will bear. Amazon frequently runs specials for good books for $.99 or $1.99 too. And, they're also publishing "Singles", which are longer than a magazine article, but shorter than a book for those same prices. (They are typically about a 45 minute read for me.)

When I got my Kindle, most top tier novels were $9.99 on the Kindle. Then Apple got involved with their iTunes and let the publishers set the prices. Amazon had to follow suit or not carry those books. The book publisher's greed took over and now most e-books are priced in the $12 to $15 range. Often you can get the hardcover book for within pennies of the e-book price. If that is the case, I typically buy the hardcover because 1) it means the publisher makes less profit on it, 2) I get free 2nd day air delivery because I'm a Prime subscriber and 3) I can then donate the book to a friend or the library.

Maybe I should have saved this post for "K" for Kindle. LOL


  1. I'm sure you can find more fodder for KINDLE. ;-)

  2. I love eBooks. I've read more sense I've had one. Nice to meet you. I'm just A to Z-ing it.