Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Umbrellas

The end of the A to Z Challenge is in sight!

Umbrellas are a curse on modern man!

  • They are never with you when you need one
  • They are not wind friendly
  • They pinch your fingers when you attempt to open them
  • They pinch your fingers when you attempt to close them
  • They keep only the top of you semi-dry
  • Even large ones aren't big enough for two people to share without one person getting soaked
  • They drip on the floor when you bring them inside
  • Companies insist on putting their ads on them and then sell them to you for you to walk around advertising for free with them

Last, but not least, umbrellas are misnamed. My youngest daughter called them what they are: "rainbrellas".


  1. But they make great gifts when you're at a loss. Because everyone always needs an umbrella!

  2. excellent rant!
    especially in favor of renaming!