Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is the towel clean or dirty?

My wife put a clean towel on the rack in the bathroom that I use.

I took a shower. I soaped up good and then rinsed well. I used the towel to dry off. In my view, the towel was still clean since it had only been used to wipe off clean water after my shower.

Later, after working in the yard a bit, I washed my hands. "Yes, dear, with soap from the little pump container!" Then, I dried my hands on the same towel.

Question: Is the towel clean or dirty now?

My wife sees that the towel has been used, declares it dirty, and replaces it with another towel.

The one I used got dumped in the washer with other towels, a few of my smelly boxers and several snotty handkerchiefs. Water was added making a stew that I don't want to even contemplate.

When the towel emerged from the stew, my wife declared it clean once more and plopped it in the drier.

Question: Is the towel clean or dirty now?

This is just another illustration of the difference in men's and women's logic.


  1. We don't have many back-up towels to plop onto the towel bar so ours all get washed at the same time in their own load. Every couple of weeks or so. Unless we really do get one dirty which does happen every once in awhile when someone does something unusual like use one to wipe off a wet, dirty counter.

  2. LoL or the difference between the way one man and one woman think, anyway ;)

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

  3. I see what you mean, although I'm inclined to agree with your wife. :)