Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Old Fart's Journal

Every time I dredged up some story from long ago, my daughter Cathy would urge me to "write it down."

It was very tempting, since I did want to set the record straight that I did not walk 3 miles in waist high snow to school backwards and barefoot as she claimed. I did walk a mile in foot high snow in near zero temps forwards with rubber boots on only to find out the school was closed due to a heating problem and had to walk back home. There! Let the record stand corrected.

I you want to know the straight scoop on all of the other things I've done while on this planet, you'll have to download and read The Old Fart's Journal.

It is a 53 page e-book (.pdf file) with cover art by our buddy Nate Owens.


  1. You know Nate Owens....I LOVE HIS STUFF. Now I know why I love your new profile photo. Downloading the pdf now!

  2. Hello! I found you through the A to Z Challenge. I hope you tell us lots more funny stories in April!

    Christine @ Coffee in the Garden